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Beginning Of A New Distress

What is war? Is it good for the people? Does it bring any happiness? Did Iraq become prosperous after the war against America? Doesinvestment in Iraq or any other country that had beard war circumstances, easy and beneficial?

War is destruction. All the questions above are always answered with a definite NO. War has always been devastating across all spheres of life; be it social, aspect, economic aspect or environmental aspect.

| If we don’t end war, war will end us.


Investing in Iraq

The worst results of war are the loss of human lives and loss of property. People who suffered the war are displaced from their houses and are left to die, all alone in a solitary situation. As a result of economic drop due to war, people have to bear the torture of poverty and malnutrition, hence advancing towards immense human sufferings.

War produces trouble on both the sides. Anyone who thinks America has gained profit by invading Iraq; this must be 50% true. America’s major budget is set for military assets and for invading Iraq. Though all the allegations which America threw over Saddam Hussain namely having weapons of mass destruction, setting fire to Iraq’s oil fields and attacking Israel with rockets, were proven wrong but the war left many critical outcomes extending from damage and destruction in Iraq to a weakened world economy and its instability.

After four years of US invasion, Iraq suffered extreme unemployment and poverty. The country’s infrastructure went into ruins and all US plans to build up the country faced several frauds, misdirection and inadequacy.

Who would invest in Iraq in such circumstances? Who would take a step to build Iraq’s infrastructure all over again? This is such a situation that America, the superpower, has failed in it, who would be brave enough to take charge?

Absolutely no one. Yes, it’s the truth. The people of Iraq themselves have to do something. They must themselves strive hard to attract investors in their country to have developments in the economic, social and cultural aspects.

Now is the time that the country anticipates to conquer the extended period of conflict and depression as the economic doors of different countries have opened up. A mixture of several factors makes Iraq an advantageous business and investment place. The demand to construct new infrastructure, expand housing, medical facilities and other public sector services, enhance the exports and reduce the imports and so on to provide a wide range of opportunities to allure international countries so that they get ready to take the challenge to invest in a post-war situation.

Iraq has the world’s fourth biggest oil reserves. This must be the key to ending Iraq’s miseries. Moreover, the government should not just stick to the oil sector; it should work on other sectors, too, to rebuild other opportunities for the countries to invest rather than oil.

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