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Five key features to keep in mind while selecting a nursery

Apart from a parent, it is a teacher who spends the maximum amount of time with a toddler and plays a determining role in molding the child's personality. It is important for parents to ensure that the nursery they are considering has a good faculty of teachers. In fact, it would be best if the parents met the teacher in charge and ask some basic questions, just so that they can know whether their child is going to be safe and treated well or not.

The children at the nursery should be using their time effectively, dividing it between play time and learning through different activities. That is why parents should always take a look at the curriculum of the nursery before coming to a decision. Studying the curriculum will help them understand the nursery's approach towards training the children.

Exceptional child care

The more extra-curricular activities, the better. These activities will enable the children to actually love going to the nursery. They will also learn a lot of new things by means of these activities and may develop a knack for one or two of them to pursue in the future.

This is one of the determining factors when it comes to choosing a good nursery. The nursery should follow strict rules when it comes to the safety of the children. The campus must have restricted access so that no stranger is able to approach the children at any time. The children too should be kept under constant supervision by at least two teachers.

Extra curricular activities

It is important for parents to be assured that their child is receiving complete and undivided attention from the teachers. This is why, parents should select a nursery that has a low teacher to child ratio so that their ward can be attended to without any trouble. This will also help the child make friends with children of his or her own age group.

Choosing the correct kindergarten for your child can be a stressful affair. After all, your child’s future depends on this one very important decision. Not all kindergartens are like the highly reputed nurseries in Dubai - which is why you will need to do some sorting. While it may seem a little overwhelming at first, you can follow these simple steps mentioned above to ease your worries one at a time.

  1. Good Teachers
  2. Comprehensive studies and activities
  3. Extra-curricular activities
  4. Safety First
  5. Exceptional Child Care




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