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Meaning of Wayfinding design systems

Wayfinding Signage SystemsWayfinding signage systems are used to show people directions in a complex building or structure. In a building enlivenment where everything looks familiar, it may seem a bit confusing to easily locate a particular place. But through wayfinding signage systems, directions can easily be located. It’s very necessary to the right information at important sections that will point people to the right direction. Time, locations, and distances may be recognized in a different manner than they are in reality. An efficient wayfinding signage system is centered on human behavior with certain instructions and characteristics.

How does it really work?

How can people understand or recognize one area better than another? How will people remember, navigate, or orientate themselves in a particular structural location? Yes, the answer is through wayfinding signage systems. Below are the features most wayfinding systems are built upon.


Landmarks are special ways to create recognition in a particular area or environment. With appropriate landmarks on locations and specific areas, it will be easier for people to recognize or remember these areas through the landmarks. They can be landscape elements, signs, wayfindings, street arts, buildings, or art objects. With any of these elements or a combination of these elements, viewers or visitors can form their recognition of that environment. It will be ingrained into their memory and provide the identity or an unknown environment.


Orientation is one of the primary ways of getting familiar with a build environment. It’s good to find out the distance of the location from another location. The time and distance difference will enable anyone easily locate an environment or structure. But Maps are generally used to show location in wayfinding. This process is seen as a vital way of overseeing and managing the environment. It’s important to show the map facing directly opposite your direction to easily relate it with the build environment.


The use of directional signs, people can be directed towards their right paths. There are certain directional signs that can be useful here. These signs are simple to understand as they are designed and written in clear language.

DezigntechnicStrategic wayfinding design

To develop a signage system for an architectural structure, building, or area requires developing a wayfinding scheme. The scheme will allow you design a wayfinding system when building human expectations for navigation and orientation purposes.

Types of signage design

There are basically 4 main types of signs for the wayfinding systems: warning sign, identification sign, directional signs, and information signs.

Warning signs are intended to help people stay safe such as no smoking areas, fire escape routes, etc. Identification sign provide information for individuals to be able to identify a public facility or a significant building in the environment. Directional signs are specifically to provide location information on special areas, while information sig is for orientation purposes. These are all used in their right sections and areas to provide enough information about a build environment.

Overall, wayfinding signage systems are increasingly becoming popular because of the complex designs of buildings and structures. They help people easily find their way when they are visiting an build environment.



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