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Urban Construction And Construction Engineering

Construction Projects In Saudi Arabia

Construction is one of the largest industries in the world garnering projects and initiatives worth billions of dollars.

Particularly in economies that are experiencing rapid economic growth or population booms, rapid construction is crucial to nurturing the expansion of industry and trade.

Construction engineering is a segment that allows growing economies to manage and inculcate the many practical aspects of the building and construction sector.

It covers several aspects in the building stage, ranging from the earliest, which is planning and design, all the way to construction and management.

The area and the professionals working in it cover a number of public and private infrastructure elements and facilities, including rail and road links, bridges, underpasses, ports, communication towers and dams.

Although construction engineering is classified under the civil engineering head, it pertains also to unapplied aspects of the field. The duties of the job involve not only training in design and planning phases, but also on-site management and oversight while the project is underway.


The training of construction managers predominantly involves a focus on the design aspects, which are part of a degree, enabling them thus, to ensure that a project is kept within the time, cost, efficiency, and quality constraints that have been put forward.

The mix of adequate training in design and management allows construction management professionals to understand the functions and required standards across both fields to manage costs, timeframes, standards, and client requirements.

Urban Construction And Construction Engineering

Cyclical Variations And Demand

As with most equity-based investments and housing markets, the demand for construction engineers is strongly linked with the stage in the economic cycle a state is in.

During times when economic growth is slow, inflation is high, and purchasing power declines, the housing market is likely to suffer as the bubble takes its toll.

Construction projects in Saudi Arabia - BNC Network on the other hand, are likely to pick up pace during the next five years, owing to the country’s resolve to diversify the economy from its traditional exports and strong suits.

While the country derives most of its capital from the export of oil, the diversification of the economy is likely to contribute to the expansion of manufacturing and processing sectors, driving demand for construction professionals across the country, and opening up the space for large-scale construction.

Professional Licenses

Adding professional licenses and relevant work experience, especially on-site may make construction-engineering majors stronger contenders, especially for entry-level jobs.



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