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Are you thinking about fulfilling the American dream?

Ways to move to the USAMany have dreams of moving in the USA, a country with one of the highest standards of living in the world. It is famous for being the land of opportunities. So if you are:

  • At least 21 years old
  • Have ample assets and funds

You can apply for US residency through investment. Many people prefer to immigrate to this country because:

  • English is widely spoken, and you can communicate easily without having to learn another language.
  • As an investor, there isn’t a minimum education or business experience requirement.
  • Children under the age of 21 can become legal dependents.
  • You and your family can live, study or work anywhere in the US.
  • The investment can come from inheritance, a gift, business ownership, or any lawful activity.

Are you thinking about relocating to the US, primarily as an investor or a high-level executive? Numerous migration consultants in Dubai can help you make the right decision.

Ways to move to the USA

  1. EB-5 Regional Center

You will need to invest your money in a US commercial enterprise, such as a hotel, office tower, residence complex, or a government-approved regional center. Basically, you are a passive investor. If the American neighborhood is rural or has high levels of unemployment, you need only $500,000. But if it is in a developed area, then you will need to invest $1 million. The catch is that the project must employ at least 10 American workers for 2 years. Once this requirement is accomplished, you can apply for the green card. Your money will be returned after 5 years from the date you entered the country.

E-2 work visa

  1. EB-5 Direct Investment

In this option, you can invest in your own business. Therefore, you are an active investor who will need to manage day-to-day activities in the enterprise. But you must still invest at least $1 million and employ a minimum of 10 workers for 2 years. Many investors consider opening a fast food franchise or hotel chain as a good option. When these requirements are met, you can apply for your green card.

  1. L-1 Visa Inter-corporate Transferee

It facilitates the transfer of a foreign employee of a company to continue similar work an office in the US. It usually comprises of a managerial, executive or specialized post. You must have worked for the company for at least 1 year in the past three years.

  1. E-2 Work Visa

This visa allows you to live and work simultaneously in the US so that you can also develop your business. You must be in the process of investing money as well as have realistic plans and funds to establish the business in the near future. Investment requirements vary depending upon the nature of the company. However, it may be difficult to obtain E2 visa registration with smaller levels of investment. Visas are granted for 5 years, which can then be renewed.



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