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Sales increase is the most relevant business tasks. In the context of market saturation with goods and services, which can be barely distinguished from each other and competition growth have led to a necessity of human resources advancement. Professional competency and personal qualities of sales people or agents have become the key components of a successful business activity.

Today's recruitment market requires a big amount of sales assistants, retail managers and various consultants. However, personnel education has proved its efficiency, as business training participants are able to formulate specified goals and problems. As a rule, personnel enticement doesn't not respond to the management expectations due to business diversity or company operation nuances. Investment in personnel education develops favorable corporate atmosphere, trustworthy relationship between management and subordinates and cooperates colleagues.

Success Coaching applies different training approaches according to individual business specifics and needs of our customers:

  • the process approach is based on phase dynamics of a sales process
  • the social-psychological approach is based on the idea of communicative competency of a sales manager, as a key component of business profitability
  • the negotiation approach, which develops negotiation skills of sales managers
  • the presentation approach, directed at comprehensive product description
  • the strategical approach, which includes diversified business and market analysis




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