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Before Taking CMA Course in Dubai, Know the Scoring Criteria

CMA examinationThe CMA is extensively rewarding certification of accounting, as the salary of CMA and various other benefits attached with the designation can afford many career comforts for you. But prior to dreaming about the luxuries, you have to satisfy the high standard of this difficult examination. That is why we have constructed a guideline for you ease before you start you CMA course in Dubai.

It is a criterion-referenced test. You have to face a panel made up of qualified and successful experts in the field who have already set the bar of highest level they think you or other candidates should perform as a CMA.

The exam consists of 2 parts, and the score is required from both.

CMA Format

As stated above, the exam is split into two halves. Each part contains 100 questions of multiple choice and two topics of 30 minutes essay. You will get 3 hours to complete the section of MCQs and 1 hour to write essays.

CMA formatThe time provided is reflective of the weight of both sections; that means, the multiple choice questions part worth 75% of total scores, whereas essays worth 25% of the grades.

Keep in mind that there is no negative penalty for wrong answers, which will let you take a well-educated and calculated guess on MCQs.

If you find individual and pretest questions of undisclosed numbers, stay calm, as they are included to gather data for potential use in future and do not affect your overall score. Don’t waste your time in guessing which are the pretest questions and grant your complete attention to each and every problem.

In order to move on to write essays, complete at least 50 % of your MCQs part. It is worth noting that overall result is counted and you don’t need to clear individual part in order to clear the CMA.


Each essay has two scenarios and broken down into further questions. Never leave any portion blank, as essays provide you partial credits. Your aim is to show that you have extensive knowledge of CMA and each point you score helps you fulfilling this aim.

Passing Score Criteria

Due to multiple formats, each question varies in difficulty. The ICMA equates the pattern of exam statistically to one another and ensures that same bar is set for all candidates sitting in the test, regardless of window or test form. As the converted temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit is similar, in the same way, ICMA scoring and judgment are fair no matter what are the forms.

On the basis of difficulty the exams are evaluated and scored, a consistency is ranged from 0-500 regardless of units of items present on your form.

At least 360 marks are required to clear.




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