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Career After Fire Marshal Training in Dubai

Safety coaching fireThe firefighter demand is quite high in the industries of oil and gas due to unexpected incidents frequently happened as well as the construction businesses in UAE.

For kids, it is a dream job which looks "so cool" as it requires immense courage to jump in an inferno. Although, it is all about tackling the heat of the moment; the superhero movies and TV shows also make it way too cooler when a hero walks into the flames and comes out carrying a dizzy lady or unconscious child as the crowd standing outside cheered for him. Daniel Craig played a role in James Bond, Quantum of Solace, where the Bond Girl is saved from an explosive burning building. Spiderman and watchmen often save the victims from blazing buildings every now and then in their movies and show. The examples of such heroic powers and valor are quite extensive in media, however, our experienced and professional firefighters are glorifying the job in their field of work. It might look easy on out of the world screen, but quite difficult to risk your life to save someone from an inferno. No special effects could work for these firefighters, average citizen or police officers when they deal with the matter of life and death.

Safety training fire in DubaiIf you have the bravery and would not feel shy when it comes to helping the people on the ground, you can consider taking fire marshal training in Dubai to opt it as a carrier as various national bodies and international companies are scouting for experts in this field.

As per the Civil Defence of the United Arab Emirates, the country aims to ensure that they have world’s best fire marshals who response immediately in an emergency, regardless of the circumstances.

Numerous positions are opened that needed to be filled by experienced firefighters in the UAE. The high demand is particularly offered by oil and gas industry.

Physical fitness matters a lot for a person willing to become a fire marshal. Most companies insist on hiring male candidates and physical challenges should not be there.


Not each and every moment and aspect of the job done by firefighters is fraught with peril. During down times, they are highly expected to keep the maintenance of their vehicles and equipment in top-notch condition so they remain in working order. High school education is mandatory to serve as a fire marshal in Dubai and a certification from reputable institutes such a Conquer TDC, who holds the accreditation is necessary. Administration skills and basic leadership make a huge impact on this job.

An average salary earned by Fire Marshals in Dubai is approx AED 144,589/year. The pay increases according to experience and offers lots of more benefits.



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