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Does Your Estate Need A Will?

Will In Singapore

In many parts of the world, a lawyer or a firm usually carries out the task of making a will, and sometimes companies can do this too. Of course, the involvement of these professionals comes at a cost.

This does not mean wills and testaments cannot be valid when written by hand, or on one’s own. In cases where there are two wills for example, some jurisdictions give priority to the one written later, even if it has not been drafted by a lawyer, and is in the form of a note.

Much the same is also the case in Singapore. Making a will in Singapore – Globaleye Singapore can be as simple as drafting the document on your own, making it perfectly valid when your lawyer goes to court for probate purposes.

Choosing How To Do It

It is usually the case that the people gaining a fee out of drafting the will suggest their services be used, since lay people may not understand the application of the law in the fullest sense.

Some legal professionals even advise that one avoids the use of companies for this, since they themselves might not know enough about the law to do this well.

On the other hand, particularly in relation to large states and valuable properties, understanding the law and the rules that will apply in disputes can be very useful, making the help of a lawyer very important.

Ordinary Legislation And Muslim Law In Singapore

Globaleye Singapore

There is a different set of rules governing Singaporeans in general, and the citizens that are Muslim. The rules for the division of Muslim estates are carried out according to Islamic inheritance laws.

What You Need To Make The Will On Your Own

The requirements to make a valid will come from the Wills Act, and are not very hard to understand.

  • The first requirement has to do with the age of maturity, which in Singapore has been put at 21 for this purpose.
  • The will should be signed at the front or back
  • There have to be two or more witnesses to the act of signing the will
  • These witnesses have to be present simultaneously

For further rules and being sure, make it a point to check out the current legal rules, and consult with a lawyer as well.

Testator’s State Of Mind

It is important for the testator to be of sound mind during the signing of the will. This is so that after passing away, challenges to the contents of the will are avoided.

The way to make sure this absolutely does not happen is by getting a clean bill of mental health from the doctor. While this might prove to be excessive, it is only for the purpose of preventing later challenges by heirs and others.



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