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Dubai Free Zones: Ideal For Foreign Investors

Dubai is a region which is situated in the middle of Africa, Asia and Europe. This is the main reason why Dubai has become a golden land for doing business in various sectors. With an unmatched location placed between the Dubai Marina and Mall of the Emirates, Dubai free zone is a prime location of the lake front development called the Jumeirah Lake Towers andat a drive of almost 10 minutes from Jebel Ali Sea and Air Ports and the Logistic corridor. The most important move for a practicable LLC company setup in Dubai or elsewhere in UAE is to understand the charges involved to start a business. As Dubai is a tax free zone, this trait is very lucrative for the investors either local or international, but it is very significant to bear in mind the charges which are involved in getting a new business license. To avoid the hassle contact AMADLAW, in order to set up a company in the UAE. It will give you the information and assist you to file your application and become a business person in the UAE. To start the procedure simply apply on-line and get started!

If you are a foreign investor and you have plans to set up your business in the free zones of Dubai, remember that the charges and the initial processes to start a business in each of these free zones vary.

Select You Business Preference

There are two major paths to start a business in UAE. If you are aimed at initiating your business in the main areas of Dubai, you should gain the sponsorship of a local person who will own 51 percent of the company, this method is called LLC (Limited Liability Company) or if you want to try the free zones, you can start your business with the complete 100 percent ownership of the company. But the charges are different for both conditions: for LLC, the costs can vary between Dh30, 000 to Dh60, 000. If you deal with a company for the paperwork and the legal processes, you have to give extra charges for this task but the advantage is you can save your time and health through this. The free zones also have varying costs. There are certain free zones that allow only creative work to be done on them like different kinds of media organizations. The costs for free zones range from Dh25, 000 to Dh35, 000. In each of the cases, you have to get your licenses renewed every year by giving the same amount of money that you gave to initiate your trade.

There are also conditions associated with the visas concerned with the free zones. The visas can restrict your work and the places where it is occurring. Basically, to start a retail store as a free zone outlet is impossible except for the outlet that is present in the free zone itself. The actions allowed by a LLC visa are also very specific. Besides all these procedures, you have to show that you have some capital as a backup so cash in the bank account is necessary.

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