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Illuminated metal signs!

You and Eye Branding company

Branding company, a firm that works in UAE as leading advertiser. Companies like these have a vision like you cannot even imagine for your brand and they help bring your brand to life by this. Signage is one of the ways to attract the target audience. Imagine a sign outside a shop that is a regular sing painted by hand. Will that be more appealing or will a sign that is beautifully made, is lit brightly and sophisticatedly be more appealing? Obviously the later attracts most people and this is why it is critically worked upon all around the world.
Signage is done with a lot of materials the most famous and common being acrylic but metal is a little less but many hits and a very smart signage material around the world of advertising.

Metal for signage!

If you are looking to make a statement for your brand, you need to look for the best and most sophisticated kind of signage. Metal signage brings out sophistication in the sign. They are cut by water jets and their natural shine makes them irresistible! Metal signs are usually available in a wide variety of options! The following are a few that are mentioned to make a point!

  1. Brass: Brass is a type of metal as everybody knows. Whether you are looking for a polished of satin finish, brass becomes an excellent choice for classic font letters
  2. Bronze: Bronze cut letters come in a choice of oxidized, brushed polished and patina finishes for a traditional look to your sign!
  3. Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is a very common metal and there are many types of signs that can be made from it if many different shapes, fonts, and sizes.Illuminated signage
  4. Cor-ten steel: Cor-ten steel is a  kind of steel that is weather resistant and is goof for outdoor signage
  5. Aluminum- One of the most popular, aluminum lets you choose from natural satin, anodized or polished finishes and comes as custom colors. It is one of the most reasonable metals for signage!
  6. Copper: Copper is also a good option for signage and it comes in a choice of brushed and polished finishes!

Illuminated signage:

Illuminated signs or electrical signs are well lit, bright and digital. They give a very good visual effect to the audience. Illuminated signs are one of the catchiest forms of signage and are used widely around the world. Here are a few benefits of getting illuminated signs:

  1. Good quality led lights will have up to 10,000 hours of lighting which means that they have a long life
  2. Their brightness makes them attention-grabbing
  3. They have a better and more preferable appearance
  4. They are environmentally friendly compared to other forms
  5. They are low maintenance. You may need to change the bulb or battery once in a while but that's just about it
  6. They are thinner hence they are lightweight and easy to carry anywhere



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