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Taking Advantage Of Dubai’s Zero Tax

Tax Planning Dubai

Tax planning is an important step in managing a large portfolio of assets, or property belonging to one person, located in several jurisdictions.

Careful planning and good advice in these cases can help an owner make sure that they take full advantage of the deductibles, tax breaks, and incentives that these jurisdictions give them.

This sort of planning can also help corporations and multinational companies take advantage of the many benefits that come with strategically planning and demarcating their assets.


Apart from planning for the future and times to come, tax planning in companies also relates to reducing as much as possible, the tax liabilities of the company according the applicable current laws.

The services provided by tax planning Dubai – Globaleye UAE have to do mostly with tax optimization. Since there is no point implementing tax plans that affect the revenues of an organization, most of the stress is on using the tax base to one’s advantage.

Favorable Jurisdictions

A key ingredient in taxation systems that do not involve holding offshore assets is identifying and making effective use of the multiple legal mechanisms to take advantage of lower taxation rates.

Beyond this, for businesses spread out across the world, making good use of favorable jurisdictions in relation to their laws also provides great opportunities.

Key Pillars

For big companies with a presence in multiple countries, the most important pillars of tax planning include:

  • Choosing the best jurisdiction for business activity and the place and method of incorporation
  • Evaluating the biggest and most important assets of the company thoroughly
  • Analyzing the taxation laws to take advantage of favorable taxation schemes

For businesses that want to carry out international tax planning, there is the additional choice of sticking with a jurisdiction that provides a suitable taxation regime and incentives.

Tax Planning UAE

Factors To Consider When Tax Planning

A number of elements related to the company and the kind of business that will influence tax planning choices include:

  • Legal requirements for starting or incorporating the business in the jurisdiction, including residency status of management personnel or owners, minimum share capital rules, and securities
  • Taxation system, including zero tax and government incentives
  • Ability to make use of agreements and treaties governing the elimination of double taxation between two countries
  • Legal rules that pertain to sale and purchase of assets, along with transfer requirements of the same

What Do You Gain From Careful Tax Planning?

  • Making sure that the countries of incorporation and business activity are stable and secure in terms of political and security situation
  • Making it easier to accomplish tasks related to compliance and reporting, along with registration and expansion
  • Optimal reach as far as global market is concerned.



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