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The Sound of Printers

printing paper in UAE

If I were to guess the one device most often used in a workplace (after coffee machine) would be the printer. As a reliable name in printing paper seller in UAE, HKP Paper believes that we are and will continue to be in the transition phase from paper-ink times to digital world for quite a few years. If we are to agree that printing is the most often done office task, could we also agree that we need to know as much as we can about printing papers and effective usage of printers, because yes, we understand your frustration over a printer that takes too long or gets a paper stuck all the time.

Here’s what HKP Paper would advise you.

Quality of the paper

The quality of a paper is judged by its weight. Although this is the job of your office’s procurement department, you could always report if the paper you get to print your information on is too thin to get stuck in the printer over and over again or come in pairs of two, when you printed or commanded a print of a single page only.

The quality of the paper reflects unprofessionalism on the part of the organization in business to business relations, we need to up our game in this if we are to survive in the competitive market of UAE.

The Sound of Printers

Give your printers a break

Not all printers, but most of them, especially the smaller one given to you on your table requires rest from time to time. Avoid printing 100 and 100s of pages. Be intelligent, save yourself some character ethic and the company some resources by utilizing photocopier when needed rather than overdosing your printer. And if it does get faulty because of over usage, remember you would have to go all the way to the other printer by someone else’s desk every time you need a print (which is probably every 15 minutes). So be nice to your printer and save yourself from the trouble.

Printers could live longer

Based on a number of factors, especially paper quality, printers could live longer. The printer is probably something that gets replaced/fixed every 6 months in an office and we could save ourselves from this expense by choosing the right kind of paper in the beginning and letting printers be at ease from time to time.

Paper for every purpose

HKP Paper, over the years, have understood and come up with the multifaceted challenges in the world of today, and in doing so has gathered a paper for every purpose. By that we mean, we could be glossy, classy, graceful, formal, and anything else that your purpose requires only with the texture of the page.

The texture of the paper does make a lot of difference!

To end it all, HKP paper, having the best printing paper in UAE – HKP Paper, are just a call/email away.



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