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Translating Languages: Delivering Emotions via Speech

Arabic Text For Translation

Can you understand the meaning of this phrase? Can you translate it? Do you even know which language is this?

I am sure the answer to all the above questions must be a NO.

I will tell you. This is an Arabic phrase, a quote by RUMI , meaning:

If you want light, you must light a fire

The game of Translation!

 The word has a huge meaning and a strong spirit. It is the phenomenon which gives the authority to a person of saying something through another person’s voice. It is the self-expression which contains the identity of another person. Dubai is a vast state and many expatriates visit Dubai either for employment or for tourism and business. So, many English to Arabictranslation agencies are working in Dubai for their convenience.

If we look at the stats, United Arab Emirates has only 20 percent of its Arabic natives, rest are all from another nationalities. So has Dubai, only 11 percent are Arabic.

Arabic is the official language of Dubai, for both verbal and written purposes. All the laws, rules and regulations are reported in Arabic. Even then English is widely used as a second language for business, trade and tourism.

When English is the second biggest language of UAE, Why to take a pressure to learn Arabic when most of your colleagues and friends are from India, Pakistan or any foreign country, when you have no time for your family how could you manage time to learn such a difficult language.

Now a question arises in mind, when we have our own national language, then why adopt English as a way of expression. If on the contrary, the same situation occurred to the Americans or the British, would they leave their native language English for Arabic? This would have never occurred. Take this for example, the British will not purchase any material online from a website which does not advertise in English or which has poor English in its content. That means in order to do business with the Britons; the content must be in perfect English. If they can be so possessive about their language, why couldn’t we?

Arabic is a difficult language. It’s a fact. But it has many benefits too. If you are willing to get a job in Dubai, ability of speaking Arabic will have a great impact.  It enhances your chances to get an exciting and rewarding job in an Arab country. If you are living in an Arab country, and don’t know how to speak Arabic, it will make you feel like you are a stranger, no matter how many years have you passed in that country.

English is a universal language. But the comfort and attraction one feels in his own native language cannot be explained. People have EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT to their mother tongues. It’s high time that we make Arabic mandatory for all sectors or else we’ll lose the integrity of his precious language. As far as the foreigners are concerned, they can use the services of any agency providing like London Legal Translation as they provide the best quality work in Dubai. Express and spread the love with the natives by learning this rich language. 



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