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Finding The Right Job


It’s a new year. You are probably one of the people who are thinking of changing your career for the better. For being in your previous company for years, you might be scared and afraid, how are you going to face the world again. You are like a lion being freed in the wild after being take care in a sanctuary. You are clueless. You don’t know where to begin again. This will help you find your way to the corporate world again and find the right job for you.

Make Your Resume Stand Out

When you worked in a company for years, you might forget how to make a resume. You always do I know that, because you always want to leave the company but this time, it’s for real. Today, resume really matters. Make sure that your resume will be as simple as possible. As an owner of the company or an HR head, it is tiresome to read a lot of things in someone’s resume. Just put the simple things. No need to complicate it.

Register In Job Sites

Before, you really need to send a snail mail or email to your target companies, but as technology emerged job searching became easier. There are tons of jobsites wherein there are tons of job postings for you to choose from. You can upload your resume in those job sites and apply to different companies without leaving your home. Sometimes, the jobs will be the one seeking for you

Overseas Labor Supply

Join LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not just a social media platform but it is also a great way in expanding your connection and of course looking for jobs. A lot of LinkedIn users have been successful in the careers they found in LinkedIn. Who know? You might be one of them.

Company Websites

If you already have a target company, you can always check their company websites. Some companies don’t post job hiring in jobsites, so it’s better to check in their company websites. It will be easier since there will be few applicants who will try to apply directly to company’s websites.

Recruitment Agencies

There are tons of recruitment agencies in Dubai. With thousands of works available, some companies post their jobs through recruitment agencies. One of the most trusted recruitment agencies in Dubai is Olsue. Olsue has been in the industry since 1979. With their professional staff, they will find the right job for you. They supply manpower to top companies all over the country.

Don’t Lose Hope

Like what I have said, keeping a job is hard and finding one is harder. You can’t get a job in just one go. You are lucky if you do, so you just need to keep trying and keep on looking for the perfect job for you.



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