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The English language is commonly spoken amongst all ethnic communities settled in Dubai.


The local people of Dubai speak modern Arabic so learning the English language should be pretty interesting.

You can pick up the Basic or General English classes here, to confidently communicate with English speaking individuals. Students from the nursery in Dubai who are interested in studying in the UK and/or the USA require high IELTS and TOEFL scores. Professional people get customized courses for improving their careers too.

Attributes of coaching centres in Dubai

Coaching centreSeveral coaching centres offer English courses in Dubai to all students regardless of their backgrounds and levels. Students learn the English language for pleasure. Interested students in higher studies take special IELTS and TOFEL courses for better scores. Special customized courses are offered to professional business persons. All English courses are categorized into basic, general, and advanced.

  • Basic Language:

The students learn how to interact with each other in the English language. The native-speaking English teachers qualify to teach students how to read, write, speak and listen. Students confidently move from one level to another higher level.

  • General Language:

You learn how to improve your English language skills. These include listening, reading, speaking, and writing. You are exposed to modern grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary. In addition, you can learn from a wide variety of topics depending on your ability.

Learning Advanced English

  • IELTS (International English Language Testing Standard):

Learning advanced EnglishThe British standardized IELTS measures your reading, writing, speaking, listening skills from 0-9 band levels. Most Universities of the USA and the UK accept band 5. You can train in IELTS courses to enhance your scores.

  • TOEFL PBT/IBT (Test of English as a Foreign Language – Paper-based Test / Internet-based Test):

TOEFL measures reading, grammar, listening, speaking and writing skills. This test is offered and administered online worldwide. Currently, this test is offered at locations where there is no internet.

  • Business English course:

This course is customized just for you. You learn only what you need for performing well in your career and working day. The covered topics in these Business English courses are focused on real-lifetime situations. You are helped by teachers who select materials in areas of your interest.

  • Modern Mode of learning:

You learn from native-speaking English teachers. You attend classrooms provided with a smart TV and free internet access. You get provisions for a library, play educational games and more.

So here is a quick guide for those of you who wish to learn the English language in Dubai for their own interests or requirements. There are various centres that offer English language courses to all students of all ethnic backgrounds, and levels. You can join from the basic level and work yourself up to the highest level. As a business person, you can take the best advantage of learning the special English courses.



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